Tuesday, December 4, 2012

the miracle

The father slumped at those words fearing the worst to follow them. "don't sugar coat it doctor . . . please just tell me what is going on." the father said. the doctor looked at the him with a smile and said "Mr. Bruns i have good news to tell you. your son is fine, a miracle has occurred in this hospital tonight. when your son came in I thought for sure he was going to die. Matter of fact he should have died or at least broken every bone in his body. However as we examined him and tended to his wounds we found that he had only sustained a broken pelvis and some minor head injuries. Your son will be able to leave the hospital in a matter of days." The father grabbed the doctor and hugged him overjoyed with the news he had just received.Everyone in the waiting room started to shed tears of joy as they realized how lucky they all where to dodge the bullet.

As the mother entered the room where he son lay fragile and vulnerable she saw something in his personage that touched her, she saw peace at its most innocent form. "Mommy!" the young boy shouted reaching out his arms towards his mother "what happened to me mommy?" The mother held back the tears and said "you had an accident but don't you worry everything is gonna be alright." The young boy looked at her and smiled then pointed and asked "mommy who is that?" The mother looked behind her to see an empty room "Gary there is no one here but me." she said. "No mommy she is right there." the young boy replied. Again the mom looked to where Gary was pointing and saw nothing but the empty chair in the corner. As she looked back to her son she recognized the confusion in his eyes as he continued to point at the chair. After a couple heartbeats had passed by Gary understood the truth of the visitor "Mommy are angels real?" he asked. At that moment the mother felt an overwhelmingly powerful sensation in her body telling her that she was not the only one in the room with her son. "Yes son angels are real and i think your visitor is the one sent to watch over you." the mother could not believe the words leaving her mouth but could not doubt the validity of them either. she had indeed felt the presence of another being there but knew for a fact that no one was in the room with her.

There in the empty chair in the corner of the room sat an angelic being sent to watch over her son.

2 days later . . .

"So watcha think doc can i go home?" young Gary asked.

"Well i don't see why not. Do you think your ready to go home?" the doctor asked.

"Of course i am ready i was born ready, but i don't need those stupid crutches." Gary said stubbornly.

The doctor laughed and picked up the crutches and walked over to Gary "I know you don't like them but they will help you to get better and if you don't use them we will have to keep you here until your pelvis is all better which could take weeks."

Gary quickly accepted the crutches and hopped up to try and get used to the them. After a couple of circles around the room he looked up at the doctor and said "I guess there not too bad." The doctor smiled at the young boy admiring his innocence and said "well then i will get the nurse and she will wheel you down to the parking lot so that you can go home."

The doctor left the room leaving Gary to himself. The young 6 year old sat back down on the bed silently cursing the crutches when suddenly a familiar personage entered the room. the person was glowing as bright as the sun and had Gary squinting his eyes. He recognized this as an angel but it wasn't the same one that had been in the hospital the day of the accident. This angel was not anyone he could remember seeing before but he somehow knew him. "Gary, my son, I have come here to give you a message and some hope. You my dear boy have been chosen for a great work which will change the world. Always remember to trust your heart. You will soon be introduced to a man full of wisdom learn from him and never forget the lessons he has for you." and with that the angel disappeared from the room leaving Gary overwhelmed with confusion.

The nurse then walked in and saw the look on Gary's face "Is everything ok?" she asked.

Gary looked up at her still in a daze from what had happened. He was not sure whether or not to tell her what had just happened so he decided not to and said "Yes everything is fine." The nurse didn't question him any further and walked him down to the entrance of the hospital.

When the sliding glass doors of the hospital opened Gary got out of the wheel chair and crutched out of the hospital. Little did he know that he was taking his first step on his long and difficult journey.

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