Wednesday, December 5, 2012

journey to a far away land

4 years after the accident . . .

"Wake up buddy its time for our big adventure." Mr. Bruns said to Gary as he rubbed his head. Gary sat up, looked around, and realized that this would be his last time waking up in the room he had come to know so foundly.

"Do we have to move dad? I like it here, all my friends are here and no one is gonna like me in the new town." Gary said.

"Yes son we do and don't you worry everyone is going to love you. They would be crazy not too." the dad said as he walked over and started to rub Gary's back. Gary looked up at him and after a few seconds he gave a resounded sigh, got up, and grabbed his bags heading for the door.

"Now wait just one second." Mr. Bruns said. "You can't leave without your trusty sidekick." He pulled out a brand new action figure still in the box, the exact one Gary had been saving his nickels up to hopefully buy one day. Gary's eyes lit up and he ran over to accept the gift.

"Thank you dad you're the best." Gary said as he wrapped his arms around his dad trying to hug him as tight as possible. Mr. Bruns smiled at Gary and then got up and walked out of the room nudging his son to follow.

Within an hour the car was packed and the family of 5 was ready to go Gary, his brothers Frosty, and Toby sat in the back of the car surrounded by suitcases and all sorts of possesions they could fit in the large SUV. Mr and Mrs Bruns finally got in after checking to make sure they had everything packed and then headed off for their new home in Ohio.

The drive was long and boring taking 5 days to complete. When they finally arrived in their new neighborhood Gary scanned the street to get a feel for his new 'home'. The houses where small and victorian styled each spaced out about 15 feet from the other. The street stretched long with trees growing from virtually every front yard. As Gary continued to look around he spotted a girl around his age across the street. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. When she waved at him he turned and ran into his new house embarrassed.

"What do you think bud?" Mr. Bruns asked as he looked over the house. Gary looked at his dad and shrugged and then continued on to tour the house. At first Gary was unimpressed but as he continued to investigate this new domian he realized that he actually did like it. There were a couple hidden doors randomly placed throughout the house more than likely for storage but to young Gary these were doors that might start a new adventure. He stumbled upon  a door in the middle of the upstairs hallway and when he opend it he found stairs leading up into the attic. He nervously creeped up them fearing that some sort of monster awaited him, but when he reached the top he looked around and saw nothing but an empty attic with a single window.

"Gary were are you?" Mother called out to him.

"Coming mom" Gary said as he ran to his mom. He came down the second flight of stairs to find the girl from across the street standing in the living room smiling as she saw him. "Gary this is our new neighbor she wanted to come over and say hi." Mother said. Gary stood there not quite sure of what to do so Mother pushed him over to her and said "Say hello Gary."

"Hello my name is Gary." he said extending his hand awkwardly. The girl grabbed it and shook rigorously "My name is Haley I live across the street so i guess we're neighbors now." She said with a cheesy grin. After standing there for a couple of seconds with nothing said Haley said "Well it was nice meeting you Gary but i gots to get back to my house for supper." she then ran off back to her house skipping all the way.

"Ok lover boy go choose your room." Mother said while Gary stood there staring at Haley as she left. His face grew red from embaressment, he turned away from his teasing mom and went to unpack his stuff.

A month later . . .

As Gary slowly adjusted to life in his new town, Cuyahoga Falls, he quickly learned how much he truly enjoyed this new place. Little did he know this town would change his life forever . . .

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