Tuesday, December 4, 2012

in the beginning

IMPORTANT: these stories are based on real events but are ultimately fictional!

In the beginning there was calamity, chaos, and panic running rampant throughout the halls of the dimly lit hospital. a man of approxamitly 6 feet paced back and forth awaiting the moment of truth. His heart skipped a beat as he heard the sounds of a new born child ringing throughout the hall. The doors to the delivery room opened and out came the doctor "Congratulations Mr. Bruns you are the proud parent of a healthy young boy, please go on in and see for yourself." As he entered the room he saw the image of an exhausted yet glowing mother and in here arms lay an innocent newborn child. The rims of his eyes filled with tears as his pride swelled within him, this was his child. The mother looked up at him smiled and said exhaustedly "we did it!"

6 years later . . .

It was noon day in June the birds where chirping and the sun was shining. All the members of the neighborhood got together on this day for a flag day parade and a pancake breakfast. Shortly after the breakfast had begun a loud scream permeated throughout the neighborhood. A young mother on her way home began running towards the cause of the scream. Fear and despair swelled within her as a recognition of the voice penetrated her soul. As she approached the scene the image that greeted her was horrifying and too much for her to bear. There lying in front of her was her youngest child underneath 14 pieces of cold and unforgiving scaffolding weighing 1,752 pounds. A few breathless moments passed as she stood frozen in complete horror. Almost as an answer to a prayer others arrived and began to save the young boy from certain death. It took four men to lift the scaffolding off the child and when they did they realized the depth of the tragedy. The young boys head doubled in size from swelling as blood dripped from both ears.

Soon enough the paramedics arrived and initiated the life saving work. As the word spread of the tragedy local news vans rushed to get coverage of the story. On arrival they were greeted with angry family members of the victim. The paramedics had called in a helicopter in an attempt to get the child to the hospital before his lifeblood had left his body. When the helicopter finally arrived the rush began to try and save the life of the innocent boy.

During the helicopter ride the father of the victim was allowed to ride along so he could be with the child before he passed into the afterlife. As the child arrived at the hospital it was plain to see that he was grasping onto life by only a small amount so the pace quickened tenfold. The frantic parents soon were reunited in the hospital and the nervous pacing began once more, a reminder to the father of a similar night of pacing in this very hospital.

After what seemed to be days the doctor walked out into the waiting room crying profusely. The father ran over to him and said "what is going to happen to my son?" the doctor looked at him, wiped away the tears and said "I dont know how to say this."

to be continued . . .

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