Sunday, December 16, 2012

Awkward Days

Day 1 after the kiss . . .

Everything so far seemed to be a normal day to Gary, he got up, had breakfast, showered, and then headed off to school, but when he got to school it all changed. Gary's school was very old and smelled of moth balls, the halls were lined with blue lockers that only reached four feet due to the fact that only the elementry students used them. The hallways were painted tan with a darker beige stripe. The floors were the typical linoleum tyles that would bore anyone that stared at them for more than two seconds. The school was shaped like an upper case U divided into two wings, the first wing held all the administration offices and teachers lounge, and the second wing held all the classrooms. In between the two wings was a gym that was also used as the cafeteria in the morning and afternoon.

Gary walked into the cafeteria were all his friends met in the morning before going to class. As he entered he noticed the eyes of his fellow students locked on him. He walked over to the table were his friends had gathered and sat down.

"So . . . I hear you got yourself a girl friend." Timothy, one of Gary's friends who was unusally small for his age, said. He was fat and had shaggy curly brown hair with dark brown eyes and freckles covering his face.

"No, who told you that?" Gary said pretending not to know what Timothy was talking about.

"Rumor is you and Haley kissed." Timothy said with a wry grin.

"I didn't kiss her! She kissed me and i didn't even like it!" Gary lied to his friends.

The group of kids all looked at gary unconvincingly and let it slide at that knowing all to well the temper Gary had. A couple moments of awkward silence passed and then the bell rang for class. Gary darted out of there as fast as he could so he could escape the uncomfortable situation.

For the rest of day at school Gary noticed his classmates whispering and laughing about him. He obviously knew what everyone was talking about and that made him frustrated.

When Gary got home after school he noticed Haley repeatedly walking over to his house and then at the last moment turning back to her house. After the fifth time of her doing this Gary decided to go out and see what she wanted.

Gary walked out onto his porch and started swinging on his porch swing waiting for Haley to come over.

As Gary came out Haley was getting ready to head back over to try and talk to him, but when she saw him she nervously turned around and went on her porch. She too began to swing on her porch swing. The two both swung on their porches glancing over at the other for a few seconds and then looking away as soon as the other looked over.

"Just get up and go talk to her." Gary said to himself. As he sat there fighting with himself Gary failed to notice Haley walking over.

"Hey." Haley said drawing Gary out of his thoughts.

Shocked and unsure of what to say Gary responded "Hi." Haley stood there saying nothing as Gary looked at the ground shuffling his feet in the air as he sat on the porch swing.

As Gary started to say something Haley also started to talk. They both stopped trying to let the other talk and after a second or two they did it again. An awkward moment passed and then they both bursted into laughter. Gary looked up at Haley to see her looking at him innocently. The two stared into each others eyes for a few heart beats, Haley then went and sat next to gary on the swing. No words were spoken as the two swang, Haley slowly inched her hand towards Gary's and eventually slipped her fingers in between his.

"I could get used to this." Gary said with a smile. Haley laughed and kissed him on the cheek.

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